My name is Steve Stockmal and I have spent a lifetime studying, teaching, performing, writing, recording, and producing music.

Beginning with piano lessons at 4 years old, then 6th grade on the Trombone, I started drumming shortly thereafter. I’ve played guitar since my early teens, and actually learned the upright classical bass through High School and into College.
I have toured all across the country and around the world for over 20 years as a professional touring drummer and vocalist, and graduated with honors from Musician Institute in Hollywood, Ca.

Lessons: Drums-Bass-Guitar-Trombone
When I was 17 years old, my drum teacher went on tour and left me his 21  students… I’ve been teaching music ever since.
The focus for my students is on relaxed technique, learning new songs, and most importantly enjoying studying and playing music!!! While my method plan is well structured, lessons are always spontaneous, entertaining, and fun. It’s ALL about inspiration.
I’m very proud to pass on the joy and knowledge of music to the next generation.

Original music: I am blessed to enjoy a wonderful life filled with inspiration and experiences that have led me to compose, record, and produce my own music. My library contains of over 200 songs that are available online, can be used by other artists, as soundtracks for film, commercials, video games, etc.

Check out my YouTube channel HERE

For prices & scheduling please call me at 805-453-7337